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With H&F for translation company, you can get a certified translation in more than 65 languages with the quality you Expect. We provide a full wide range of languages and certified translation for individuals, government/ private sectors and multinational companies.



One Platform for All Your Translation Needs.


From Arabic & English into all Languages and vice versa.


Translation of audiovisual content, in addition to audio translation services for audiovisual tracks, and Subtitle.

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Publishing & Distribution.

We Provide high quality services translation
for more than one hundred pages
daily in over 65 languages



Translated, edited and proofread files are delivered to the client using the agreed method of delivery. We remain in contact with the client throughout the process and we always welcome feedback on the quality of our work.


After receiving your order, we check your document and specify the type of translation, deliver it to professional translators, and reply your questions about cost and time.


All types of written translation jobs are carried out by experienced and professional translators as fast as required.


We support the best translators with advanced quality assurance processes. We provide a free comprehensive translation review if you happen to be unsatisfied.


we deliver your documents in form of softcopy or hardcopy on time.


Most frequent questions and answers

General Translation: Whether your document contains a small or large number of papers, we can provide you with a quick and accurate translation made by a qualified native speaker into the target language.

Technical Translation: Our scope of expertise includes booklets, books, contracts, presentations, specifications and descriptions of devices, data sheets, scientific researches and medical documents.

E-commerce Translation: Translations are available in all major languages and will use the level of language that you expect from professional marketers in the target language.

Literary translation: In addition to the deep knowledge of foreign languages and the cultures involved, literary translators are often also innovative writers and literary professionals.

Medical Translation: Translate all your medical documents, Medical reports and prescriptions. We use the bidding system to get an estimated price for your medical translation project.

Legal Translation: We provide translations of all types of official documents, including birth and death certificates, marriage contracts, wills, contracts, leases, court documents, patent applications, etc.

Projects Translation: Projects translation services are performed by experienced translators. Your important translation documents, such as translation of academic projects, translation of EU projects, translation of historical projects, translation of engineering projects and translation of chemistry projects, are in progress as soon as you complete the translation request.

Website Translation Service: We provide comprehensive translation services for all websites, not only direct translations of the main texts. We create translation documents from the original site materials that are suitable for website designers and programmers later.

Text Auditing Service: Our experienced and trusted auditors prepare documents using the “Track Changes” option in Microsoft Word. Corrections, suggestions, and comments appear in the margins and are easily incorporated into the document.

Video and audio files translation service: We provide accurate and timely translation of audio and video files. We provide subtitles for reports, documents, presentations, educational videos and so on.

For each audio or video translation project, at least two native speakers are assigned. 

Interpretation services: Our professional specialized interpreters provide many interpretations to our local and international clients in all fields.  

Through order form, you upload your files or paste your text or directly write the number of words, select the source and target language, and select the type of your document. You can send your file through the contact form, in order to receive the cost via email and the special link to place your order. 

We have a big number of professional translators that are working to produce your translation as fast as possible in the highest quality. 

We deliver your translation either in the form of a hard copy or a soft copy, depending on the client’s request. 

Depending on the country you are based on, there are several ways via which you can pay directly on our site using your debit or credit card, or PayPal. If you need to change your pre-selected payment method, you can send us an e-mail to inform us about the new one.

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H&F FOR TRANSLATION COMPANY deals with many ministries and famous companies in Egypt, Gulf Countries and worldwide.

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